About Me

I am Heather Lewis, a fifth grade teacher in a private school on the campus of Missouri State University. I love my school and everything about it! I love teaching 5th grade and creating new technology related things for the classroom. I am always digging through Pinterest to find things appropriate for my kiddos and things that I can create and adapt for their specific needs!

About My School and Classroom: I am in a 1-to-1 BYOD classroom. My students are required to have their own laptop. We utilize Blackboard just like MSU does. I am the only 5th grade teacher and there is only one class per grade. The class sizes expand to 30+ after 5th grade. My school is a laboratory school for the University. We are always looking to help practicum and other college students get their teaching experience in our school. I am also always looking for the most up-to-date and EFFECTIVE teaching and learning practices.

About My Life: When I started this blog I was a fairly new teacher, married, living on a small farm. My how life changes! I am now in my 6th year of teaching!! We now have a larger farm and operate our own Dairy Operation. I have joined the motherhood and have a 2 year old blonde hair boy who is the perfect mix of his mom and dad! He is ALL boy and 110% FARM BOY! He loves everything cows, tractors, dirt, 4-wheeler, and animals in general! I never knew how much you could love someone until he came along. My love for him and my husband is more than I ever imagined!! On a less sappy note...when I have time outside of being a mom, wife, teaching, and working on the farm (which really leaves time for sleep...ha) I enjoy crafting (or making a mess), being outdoors, hunting, fishing, creating new technology related things, cooking, BAKING, did I mention BAKING??

My education: I have my B.S. in Elementary Ed from Missouri State University and my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Drury University!