Thursday, September 24, 2015

Just a little HAPPY note!

I feel like there has been so much negativity going on lately! And it is EVERYWHERE! I just felt like my kids needed to know (or I needed them to know) that they are loved and doing a FANTASTIC job. So I made some quick little encouraging notes for each of them and sent them home with them yesterday. Who doesn't love a little "love" note!

Here is a little preview of them...

I plan to start doing something sweet like this once a month! Just to remind them they are all special to me and that they are all doing great somewhere! 

What do you do for your kids to let them know you are proud of them??

The Writing Process

We have been actively working on and have completed our first published writing piece! I always start with a short twisted fairy tale story to go through the writing process with my kiddos. They enjoy it and we work on each step in great detail. This helps outline the process for the rest of the school year!

I always have trouble with finding posters that are Upper Elementary friendly. My kiddos are fairly advanced writers and really need to be able to dig deep and challenge themselves to become better at revising and editing. I used this chart for them to record their own notes and add to their writers notebooks.
I was not very good at using their Writer's Notebooks last year, but this year we are off to a great start of making them a useful organizational tool for writing! So we hole punched this and added it to the reference section along with this checklist:
My room is all fun chevron design so I tried to make these fit the mold. They are informational and I plan to use them as a clip chart to help track the writing stage my kids are at. This will also help the problem of "Who is ready for Peer Editing? So-and-so needs a partner!"

These posters (the full set), checklists, and graphic organizers are all available in my TPT Store HERE! I included the chart/organizer for ARMS and DARE to Revise. I personally like the DARE to Revise because I feel like it is easier to remember than ARMS. :)