Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Operation Office Decor!

I just really did not like my office. Since I am VERY lucky to have an office (Again, I am at a Laboratory -Private- School we all have offices. We are on a college campus so it is set a little different. Look it up HERE!) I thought it was time to make it MINE. After re-purposing unwanted home decor this is the result:

Can you tell who my favorite little thing in the world is?? He is my everything and he is 15 months old! I still cry when leaving him from time to time! :) (SADMOMPROBS) 

*Glass-less window came from home. I repainted it and added the ribbon and pictures. Its my favorite :) The stars were all from home and repainted. The frames from DOLLAR TREE- again repainted. The baskets from DOLLAR TREE! 

One day I will print 8x10s to fit in the frames ;) 

I made this at the beginning of the year. I love it! 

Lamp from Dollar General. I got the shade on clearance before school. I have another one that is turquoise on my front desk in the classroom. 

I now feel that it is a likable space! Plus it matches my classroom...always a plus! 

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