Saturday, August 31, 2013

Western Classrooms Displaying My Products :)

Take a look at these AWESOME classroom ideas that display some of my Western products! Thanks to these wonderful teachers for letting me take pictures of their super cute rooms!

My months used as a birthday display!

Name tags that I made

Classroom labels used for a schedule

My Cowprint Alphabet

Another classroom label

I LOVE this little piece!! I have mine hanging on the door in my room! 

Objective Board and Classroom Schedule using my labels

My alphabet again and my welcome banner! So cute!

My calendar set...adorable display!

Daily 5 Chart

Another birthday display!

I just love these classrooms and that I was able to help out my teacher friends during tight budget times! 

Classroom Tour!! (I'm Back!)

Who knew teaching a new grade and adapting to being very pregnant would make the first couple of weeks so busy!! I am pretty sure I have done nothing but school, dinner/laundry, and more school work! BUT have no fear...I am back (providing the whole having a baby and finishing my last semester of grad school doesn't completely consume me)!

Here are some pictures of my new classroom! I feel like it is always a work in progress and that I have lots more organizing to do before October!
Meet The Teacher Night Goodies! 

Mailbox/Lunch Cards/Math Focus Area

Calendar Area/The Front of the Room

WBT Classroom Rules :)

Guided Reading Chart and Reading Focus Chart Area

Group Table and New Shelves (if only they were still that organized)

Student Book Boxes

My desk...ignore the junk ;)

Student B-Day Area (will post when it is completed)

Library Area

More anchor chart area!

Objective Board and Soon-to-be Chromebook area

Objective Board

Math Groups Board

Outside the Classroom

Lunch Time Choices (obviously the door)

Well that's a tour of my Western Themed Room!! Next up, time permitting, my co-western themed rooms that are displaying my western products! :) Happy Back to School time!