Sunday, June 30, 2013

Target $1 Deals!!

I'm Back! I am really excited to finally be done with Summer School! Now I can focus my summer time on getting ready for the baby, finishing my masters (ugh!), and getting ready for the new year in a new grade, 4th!

I am celebrating my blog return by showing you my *spur-of-the-moment trip to town to deliver the hubs his boots at work* Target $1 find! I love the Target $1 area and almost never leave without buying something.

Today's find... (un-edited because I'm lazy photos)...REUSABLE SANDWICH BAGS

Okay, so these come in sets of 3 and in the 2 prints that I purchased. They are the same material as the reusable shopping bags are. Here is why I think they are wonderful...

I love the way they open up and have the good Velcro closure! I am trying to decided how I am going to use them. I bought enough for each of my kids to have one. I think I am going to start out my 4th grade year with a class economy system, and these would make good wallets. OR I am thinking good Word Sort storage for Words Their Way sorts. I will keep thinking on it until I find an exact purchase for these...and maybe purchase a few more when I head back to town next time! AND of course I bought a set for my lunch box next year! :)

And my other cute purchase (complete with sideways picture)...

I just thought these were too cute not to buy! I am sure I will find something cute to store in them or to give my kiddos as a back to school gift!

Target $1 area also had lots of good Treasure Box goodies and Notepads that were adorable. I just managed to practice a little control today! :)