Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What's Happening End of Year Edition

The serious countdown is on...11.5 days of school left for this teacher!! Woo!! I am getting the End of Year fever to clean clean clean!! So...what have we been up to in 2nd grade...

Well every year at the end of the year we create a 2nd Grade News Cast. This year was no exception. We use this unit to combine our Social Studies topic of sources along with numerous writing and even reading standards. The students in each 2nd grade class are assigned a job on our news team. Each classroom has their own news cast. We design a set, posters, conduct interviews, and write news stories. We had sports broadcasters, special guests, anchors, and even a weather man. In the end we record and edit the news cast then share it with our school and 2nd grade families. To view our newscast please follow this link: http://mrslewisfg2.blogspot.com/ and look at the NEWS post! 

In addition we have been hitting multilication hard! My kids LOVE this time of the year and I am so glad that we have had the time to really dive in this year! I have came up with some great games from Education.com and several from Amy Lemons blog! I will share these ideas tomorrow (hopefully)! 

ALSO while I am chatting...I just spent over 2 HOURS on a TPT product request that would have taken me less than 30 minutes on the old dinosaur computer. Have I mentioned how much I HATE Windows 8!!! Along with the impossible version of Publisher...grrrr!!!!!!!!

Happy ALMOST end of the year!! 

Here are the newest Technology Statements...per request...ZEBRA PRINT!