Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Slacker...and OH BABY!

I have been missing from the blog world again...(SIGH)

Maybe after this whole- school + masters + end of year craziness I will more on top of things! ;) Well what have we been doing in 2nd grade you ask...

3 Digit Addition and Subtraction (that whole double regrouping things really stumped us)
Reviewing Main Idea and FAIRYTALES and FABLES
Parts of Speech REVIEW...

That about sums up the fun. Maybe tomorrow ;) I will share some of the fun activities that Pinterest graced me with!

Oh ya and in the middle of the craziness we add new work hours for the hubs and A BABY!!! Coming to the Lewis household October 18. 2013. I cannot wait! We are so excited to welcome our first angel and couldn't be more blessed! Only a couple more weeks until we find out BOY or GIRL!! I will keep you posted! Farewell!