Saturday, August 31, 2013

Classroom Tour!! (I'm Back!)

Who knew teaching a new grade and adapting to being very pregnant would make the first couple of weeks so busy!! I am pretty sure I have done nothing but school, dinner/laundry, and more school work! BUT have no fear...I am back (providing the whole having a baby and finishing my last semester of grad school doesn't completely consume me)!

Here are some pictures of my new classroom! I feel like it is always a work in progress and that I have lots more organizing to do before October!
Meet The Teacher Night Goodies! 

Mailbox/Lunch Cards/Math Focus Area

Calendar Area/The Front of the Room

WBT Classroom Rules :)

Guided Reading Chart and Reading Focus Chart Area

Group Table and New Shelves (if only they were still that organized)

Student Book Boxes

My desk...ignore the junk ;)

Student B-Day Area (will post when it is completed)

Library Area

More anchor chart area!

Objective Board and Soon-to-be Chromebook area

Objective Board

Math Groups Board

Outside the Classroom

Lunch Time Choices (obviously the door)

Well that's a tour of my Western Themed Room!! Next up, time permitting, my co-western themed rooms that are displaying my western products! :) Happy Back to School time! 

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