Friday, July 26, 2013

Week at a glance!

Well, I have had a week with a bit of R&R and lots of work at the same time! ;) By R&R I mean 7 months pregnant...don't sleep well at naps throughout various parts of the day! Mix that with super humid/muggy beginning of the week, a dr appt and family dinner at LAMBERT's, and CANNING makes for a busy week!

So what have you done for school this week, you ask! Made some more posters to laminate next week when I can get to the laminator at school! :)

I am embarking on WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING this year. While I tried some of the basics in my math groups last year, this year I am going all in. I used the Class, Yes! Mirror! and Teach, Okay! with my kids last year and I loved it! The Class, Yes! really got their attention and the Mirror really helped me know that they were listening and comprehending what I said. So this week I made some rule cards to help implement the rules the first day and some class cheer cards to display as well. The cheer cards are a work in progress, but I will let you have them in western of course!

I also made some Daily 5 posters for my classroom to use when we get that up and running! We are also going to jump on the HOMEWORK CLUB bandwagon (see Pinterest) and maybe a Reading to 100 Club as well! Lots of good things coming this year!

Click on the picture to download your own copy! Again I take no credit for the Daily 5!!! That is why I AM NOT selling these! Same goes for WBT!

All clip art came from!! If you haven't checked it out you is amazing!! And FREE for educators!! :) 

Well it is out for dinner this rainy (THANK THE LORD) cool (AMAZING) evening in MO! I couldn't be more blessed by the rain after last year's drought really hurt all us farmers!! Plus I have managed to can some Dill Pickles and Zucchini Salsa this week along with making some Zucchini bread that I might be addicted to!

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