Friday, July 5, 2013

Teacher Binder Production (TADA!!!)

TGIF! Except for the fact that it is the end of my "NOT TOUCHING" my Capstone paper. Let's hope the week away from it motivates me! After spending all week getting plenty of sleep (the joys of being 6 months pregnant during a Missouri summertime) and accomplishing nothing other than making a huge To-Do List!

Pinterest finally pushed me into finishing (and starting) my own teacher binder for this year. I will be moving on up to 4th grade so I am determined to start organized! I created this file in Black and White Cowprint with red accents AND Black and White Polka Dot with red accents. I will eventually work on adding some colored polka dot designs too! Check out below for the preview of my creations! I promise when I get ink for my printer and get my binder put together I will post pictures of that too.

Various Page Examples
Followed by a Break Down of the Entire Package

Polka Dot Binder Cover Example

Tabs for Both Binders

Sample Calendar Page (also available in black and white dot)

Hope you like it! I will get started uploading it to TPT here in a little bit! This has been a very timely project! :)

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  1. LOVE IT! I am so happy you made a black/white polka dot version too! It will work perfect for my classroom this year! Yay! I need to get back to posting on my blog too. I have not touched it since February, I think! Ugh! Oh, and I am super excited to have you in 4th grade with me too!