Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Math Groups and a FREEBIE!

I started doing Math Groups last year (teaching math in small group rotations)! It was absolutely perfect for my classroom. There are obviously going to be days when teaching whole group is the best option, but as far as tracking student progress and differentiating's the only way to go!

I got the M.A.T.H. acronym from Clutter Free Classroom's Math Workshop post. For those who don't know- M is Math Facts; A is At Your Seat; T is Teacher's Choice; H is Hands-On Math.

My kids are into 4 groups and the order is always M-A-T-H unless I tell them otherwise. It works wonderfully or at least it did with me 2nd graders. I hope my 4th graders do as wonderful with it! I created a set of board labels or headers or whatever you want to call them for our Math Workshop Board. I am not obviously going to sell them because it was not my idea. HOWEVER, I am going to offer it as a freebie if you want it!

Now this set is Western-ish Print to match my classroom theme. If you want something else, just let me know! I will be doing a set that is black and white dot and colored dot for my teammates, but that will be a tomorrow project!

Click HERE for the FREEBIE!! And below is a preview of the labels...

Also, last night I managed to finish my Contact Info Magnet Cards (great name, huh?) that I plan on laminating, attaching a magnet (I bought a roll of magnet tape at Hobby Lobby for $3), and giving to the parents at Meet the Teacher night. A pinterest idea of course (from this post)! 

I had a picture of them posted...but it has ALL my contact info on I deleted it! I will post a not so close picture when they are completely put together :)

Well, on the agenda for tomorrow...recovering a crib bumper pad for my little man's room, making a few crib sheets, and returning an ink cartridge to Wal Mart because it only made it through 30 pages! I couldn't believe the ink cartridge situation...wish me luck! 

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  1. I just have to say this is fabulous and I am so lucky to be one of your teammates! Thanks for making all of these goodies for us in relation to our individual themes! You are a dream!