Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Masters NIGHTMARE!!!

Just thought I would stop-in and assure that I have not disappeared. HOWEVER, I have buried myself in homework for my Culture class and Research class. I have worked for over 8 hours today on one POINTLESS and NON-SPECIFIC assignment that made me want to quit, a PPT about a favorite place of mine, and another Chapter of my thesis paper. I cannot wait until I am done with this!!!

After today, I have no desire to further my education beyond my Masters! We will see how long this feel lasts, but for now indefinitely!

Tomorrow, I return to my classroom with the help of my mother! She is going to organize and unpack my classroom library! Wish us luck! I also think I am headed for Wal-Mart in the morning to purchase my own mini-laminator. I think it will be an amazing investment and is WAY cheaper than I thought it would be!

I hope you are enjoying your summer and pounding away at that TO-DO list!

Here is my happy picture for the day:

Goodies from my garden!! Hopefully will add some pickeling cucumbers to the list tomorrow! :)

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