Sunday, March 3, 2013

I'm Back! A full Unit!!

I have been MIA for much of the new (and almost 3/4 finished) school year. I blame it on not purchasing curriculum (which I am soooo happy about) and having to create everything by myself and working on my masters degree. Now I'm done with excuses...

TaDa!! Here you have it...we just finished up a graphing unit that only took us a week. Our Pre-K through 1st grade teachers do lots of graphing, so it makes my job much easier! The best part about is hands-on and an active unit. The kids absolutely love it!

In this unit I have included:
The Graphing Mini Book (FREE in my previous post)
Graphing Posters
A Pictograph Activity- Favorite Candy
A Bar Graph Activity- Favorite Food
A Line Plot M&M Activity- M&M's of Course!
-Each activity contains Data Collection page, Graphing Page, and Questions following the survey

Here is a preview of some of the pages:

Check out the Mini-Unit Here at my TPT Store! Tomorrow I will upload some pictures of the fun things we did in our graphing unit! Did I mention that I finished this unit well after we completed our own unit. I found lots of Freebies out there that were Valentine's related for the week before VDAY! :)

Here's to my sanity on a week that consists of 2.5 days of sub plans...2.5 days of presenting at a conference...1 1st and 2nd Grade Music Program...a VERY important Dr. Appt...AND a half-day reading lock-in day before Spring Break. Oh and did I mention that I WILL have my grade cards done before Friday?? HAPPY MONDAY EVE!

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