Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reading Strategy Posters! GIVEAWAY

I barely managed to accomplish my goal for the week...CREATE SOMETHING FOR MY TPT STORE!!

Woo! I had these strategy posters I got from somewhere else...wish I knew where! There were 8 of them and I really liked them, but they aren't the prettiest and they are too big for the small wall space that I have. Plus they were not polka dots!! (OMG!!) ;)

So there are 8 posters. They are actually 8.5 x 11 size, but I am going to print 2 to a page and make them manageable! AND they are polka dotted to match everything else in my room!

Here is what the Author's Purpose looks like...

Here are the 8 poster topics: Predicting, Making Connections, Visualizing, Questioning, Author's Purpose, Make an Inference, Compare and Contrast, and Summarizing

You can grab them HERE at my TPT Store OR Click the pic about for the link! 

SPECIAL GIVEAWAY...To the first 5 comments on this post- Include your email address and I will send them to you FREE!!

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  1. REALLY...NO COMMENTS YET?! I am searching for Author's Purpose charts and found you! LOVE THE POLKA DOTS THIS SEASON! I am imagining that you cleared the comments...but thought I would try anyway!