Thursday, January 3, 2013

HELP! HELP!! IPad help wanted!

Just before Christmas break, a parent of mine stepped in and helped me get an IPad for my classroom!! I am so lucky to have amazing parents!! They make my job so much more enjoyable!

I have since then been searching for the best IPad apps to use in the classroom...I received the Scholastic Newsletter today and found some good ones, but am open to any suggestions!!

SO, What IPad apps do you use in your classroom? And how do you manage student use of the IPad? I only have one and one student computer so any management advice or ideas??


  1. Oh my I am so jealous. I would love to have an ipad for my classroom. We have a few to share at our school but I don't get to use them anymore this year because they are letting different grades use them for 2 months at a time and my time is past. So missing them. I have lots of app ideas here on this link from this year and last. I also suggest you check out the site It's a great site with ideas for all kinds of ways to implement ipads in the classroom. They even make suggestions for one ipad classrooms.


  2. Thanks for your advice!! I will look into those!!