Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Getting Reading Grade for 2nd Grade??

Ok, so we have been doing some major curriculum changes in our school this year. We are working on creating a Common Core friendly curriculum for our students. In an attempt to collect an effective "Reading Grade" we created a rubric. 

SO, I am posing a couple of questions, how do you take Reading Grades for your students?
Our struggle was with how to grade based on reading level. Our solution was this rubric. We had to find a way to make students responsible for their reading level based on the reading level expectation. It was hard to always be giving students who are reading well below level an A when they really are far behind. This rubric has created a way for us to justify a grade based on their reading level. PLEASE let me know what your school is doing and what you think of this rubric. (The RL and WPM are data based numbers) 

I am working on 1st-4th grade as we speak. Take a look at the preview file below:

Here is the TPT Link.

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