Friday, August 3, 2012

Name Plates

Well I have decided I am just a make-it-myself kind of person!! I finally decided to make my own name plates that are polka dot to match my classroom! I actually found a font that I like and typed mine up on the computer. They are something that I am much more proud of then my own chicken scratch. (I just cringe some times at my own writing ;)

They are colorful and are in 11 colors. If you want your names typed up them send me an email and I can create them for you. I will charge $3-$1 more than blank- and ask that you purchase them through TPT store under a special document (but I will give you those instructions if you want to purchase).

I printed them and they are a little larger than the store bought name tags, but I LOVE THEM!! I will post a picture of them in my room after they are laminated and attached to desks!!

Colors include: Orange, Purple, Pink, Royal Blue, Lime Green, Light Blue, Yellow, Bright Pink, Black, Bright Green, and Red.



Get them HERE!!!!

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