Sunday, August 5, 2012

More Borders and Daily Math Groups!

Well I have not had a super productive weekend on the Teacher End...and I am happy for that!! It was wonderful to spend time with my husband, helping some friends move, hauling a camper for my Dad, and enjoying the first measurable rain in OVER a month and a HALF!!

However, with the thought of heading to a quick grade level meeting tomorrow, I got at least one things done! I have taught math with a guided math format two years ago, but it didn't fit well for my kids last year. I am going to kick it off again this year and can't wait! It helps give my lower kiddos much more attention and that is just what they need. I am following the format found at Clutter Free Classroom. I will setting up my Math Workshop Board much like hers. I made polka dot labels and will be creating my board like this tomorrow!

My favorite part of this was the MATH acronym...M-Math Facts, A-At Your Seat, T-Teacher's Choice, H-Hands On.

Since I did not come up with this idea on my own, I do not find it fair to "sell" these labels. SO I am offering them for free through my google docs. I will be posting a picture of my math board when it is finished. I encourage your to head over to Clutter Free Classroom and check out these Guided Math resources.Click on the images above to download the full document.

I have made these borders and one addition border available at my TPT Store! Here is the link to get those!

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