Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I think I CAN...

Ok...well I have survived 2 days back to school...AND meet the teacher night. So I deserve one day off before the kids return on Thursday, right? :) Well I am exhausted from the first two long days this week!!! But it has been a very productive week and tonight I was able to meet and greet my beautiful new 2nd graders! I am SO excited for this school year to start and enjoy all of the wonderful changes that are to come!

Well it has been a busy and exhausting 2 days (obviously-no Monday post ;) BUT I did at least finish one project- the MATH CCSS I CAN STATEMENTS for 3rd Grade! I have already completed ELA and MATH for 1st and 2nd. I am slowly making my way up to 4th grade! Maybe by the beginning of next week...maybe. :)

Well here is a preview- pretty much the same. All aligned to the CCSS. These are all in black and white. I will MAYBE think about doing colored ones later this weekend. If I feel a second wind or something. I have masterminded mail merge and it is just not as easy for the color coded version. (NO I AM NOT LAZY...just tired) ;)

Here is where to find it!!

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