Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A MAJOR Finish!!

After meeting with my grade level teaching buddies, I decided I was going to create the "I Can" statements for our CCS. We want to display these as our objectives for our kiddos. As a school we were going to purchase a set, but as you well know, I created my own!

SO, after about 4 or 5 hours across 2 days they are finished! And 2 different looks! One is color coded by strand the other are all black and white. They are all coded for easy reference. These are just the ELA standards. I will get the Math tomorrow (hopefully)!! There is also a checklist for your students. I listed the checklist in excel and pdf documents. Of course the font will not be the same in excel unless you have it on your computer. Here are the previews...Color Coded available HERE!
Black and White is available HERE!

Tomorrow I will be POSTING MY CLASSROOM PICTURES!! Yep, it's finished!! Just in time for a visit from my BFF from KS to come stay the weekend with me!! Stay tuned for tomorrows finished classroom reveal!!

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