Monday, July 30, 2012

Writing Process Signs!

Happy Monday!!! Well it is happy until I realize in 2 short weeks its back to school! Yikes!! Bring it on, I say!! Well I finally decided what project I would complete next for my PROCESS SIGNS!!

These are signs that show each step of the writing process. I have included extras because I know some grades use different names. Included in this set: Brainstorming, Prewriting, Rough Draft, Sloppy Copy, Revising, Editing, and Publishing.

These can be printed laminated and used in the writing process in several ways. I like to give each child a clothes pin and they clip their name to the stage they are at. They could also be printed 2 to a page for a smaller cards.

Enjoy!! I think I am feeling my FIRST GIVEAWAY coming up soon- Perhaps a users choice giveaway of either MATH VOCAB CARDS or BRAIN BREAKS???? Stay tuned (Hint Hint: Probably tonight!!)

Check them out HERE!!

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