Saturday, July 28, 2012


I have finally uploaded the Math Journal to TPT!! After like 9,762 tries it is there! Here is a quick preview of what it entails:

Basic Addition Facts
Basic Subtraction Facts
Skip Counting (1-100)
Math Vocab
Calendar Math
Numbers/Number Words 1-10, one hundred
Number Details (Written, Number, and expanded form, place value, tallies, money- ALL ABOUT __ NUMBER)
Addition/Subtraction Words (With Word Sort)
Addition Strategies
Even/Odd Numbers
More Place Value
2 Digit Subtraction Rules

These were created from the 2nd Grade CCSS. However, it will satisfy many other grade levels! This is not necessarily just a print-and-go file. There are pages that are more like posters or teacher helpers, but can be given to students. AND some are like workbook pages or activity pages. Other pages like the two FREEBIE pages I gave earlier this week would be great to do daily on the interactive white board OR given in a clear plastic page protector for them to complete every morning. However you use it, I hope it is helpful! I will probably put some other pages as FREEBIES later this coming week and even sell some separately.

If you have a request for any other concepts to be added please let me know!! I am ALWAYS open to suggestions. I will be creating an extension to this file as time allows to include fractions, shapes, geometry, time, money, and all the other CCSS that I did not include in this edition!

ENJOY...HERE is the LINK! to the TPT Store!!! BUY IT HERE!!

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