Friday, July 27, 2012

Technology Frustrations!!

Well sorry friends...I have been trying for more than an hour now to upload my Math Journal to TPT...NO LUCK!!!

So I am giving up for the night!

But, there are lots of new exciting things to come next week! Be staying tuned for my BRAIN BREAK sticks!! And lots of Common Core ELA Activity cards to keep around. WITH explanations on how to use them! I have absorbed so much information from a conference I attended this week and my presenter encouraged me to share some of my creations with the TPT crowd and my blog followers!! SOOOOO get excited for what is to come and have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!

I leave you with this...I stumbled upon a website with FREE graphics for use BY TEACHERS. It can be used on TPT documents!! This woman has GREAT creations and backgrounds and check out her copyrights. She loves teachers and is willing to give her work to us. Pretty wonderful for all of us cheapies who hate to spend money!! Check it out at:

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  1. Thanks For the link to the cute clip art. Just what I was looking for some free cute clip art.