Monday, July 23, 2012

Picture Books Linky Party!

A fellow blogger friend of mine at Tales of a Fourth Grade Teacher had such a wonderful post! Who doesn't love picture books??? Lindsay, over at The Teacher Wife, is having a "Must Have Picture Books" link party! After doing a video minilesson for a class today I thought this was perfect!! Here it goes-only 5 eek!!!


Okay so it is near impossible for me to pick only ONE Robert Munsch book. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!!! Love you forever is the kind of book that I will read to my kids and they will read to their kids and so on. My mom gave me a copy of this book that I still have! Its such a sweet book about a boy and his mother! Buy it here!


Another favorite, my fellow teacher Jessica already said Piggie this is the next best thing! I love hearing the wolfs side of the three little pigs. This is such a good mini-lesson book too! The kids love to write their own story from the villains point of view. Buy it here!

I read this to my kiddos every year. It is about a cute little girl who is always finding ways she is different. Her grandma is always the one who reminds her to be herself! It is a wonderful character book for kids. They love hearing this story and always reminds them about treating other equal. Buy it HERE!

A Bad Case of Stripes

Talking about character...this is a wonderful one! It is also online read by a celebrity if you google it you can find it and watch it! My kids loved to see it up on the big screen and hear some one else read it. This is another serious favorite of mine! Buy it HERE!

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Of course Dr. Seuss, it is my "theme" for the year! This is a wonderful book...very meaningful in so many ways! Some kids need reminders that they can do anything! Buy it HERE!

So tempting to add more Dr. S and The Giving Tree... ;)

The Teacher Wife

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