Monday, July 23, 2012

Classroom Preview...

Well it has been a busy weekend and a busy Monday!! I have been slaving away in my classroom for the three weeks. Yes, we are so LUCKY and can get into our rooms all but one week or so in the summer!!! (It's ok to be jealous...our Janitorial staff is AMAZING) I spent most of my weekend hauling hay (round bales of course), going to the cow sale, and announcing a pig show. I am fully aware that several of you are now like, "What is a pig show?" BUT that is my pretty much revolves around agriculture and teaching!

Anyways...long story short my new TPT product is a little slow coming. I will give you a preview of the MATH JOURNAL I am creating tomorrow. For today, I will give you a couple of classroom previews. My theme is Dr. S (that guy whose name I am afraid to actually say for legal reasons)! I am soooooo in love with my room this year! I traded rooms with the Pre-K teacher this year and so my room went from downstairs to UPSTAIRS!! more stinkin stairs for me!

Enjoy these few previews...Up-cycled Sterlite drawers for my Guide Reading area. The things on top are guide reading as well! Pinterest project...?? Of course! Here is the link- I used tape!

Paper drawers instead of file folders organized on my desk. Inspired by this. NO- there are not papers in them. Just my daily folders and some before school packets!

Clocks for the times that things are... inspired by this. I got the clocks at Target in the $1 bins of course!

And last one for today... One of my favorites...

Who has good behavior?? Horton himself! The clothespins are to hold the sticker charts. Our 2nd grade does stickers daily with charts and etc. I love this idea...and it was all mine!! :)

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my classroom!! More to come soon!!


  1. I love your big clocks showing the times of when you go to different places. I have seen them on small schedule cards but this is great! Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Love your theme and can't wait to see more pics! I'm a new follower! Lauren
    Teacher Mom of 3

  3. Thank You Heather! Wonderful name ;) Thanks for following! I will keep posting sneak peeks later this week!

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  5. Your room looks so cute so far Heather... My sister was impressed when I showed it to her today! I am also glad you found your follower widget! I'm following you know! I also love your clocks! What would we do without Pinterest now!???


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  7. I love those clocks! I'm gonna have to go hit Target again. I spent 165 bucks on classroom items last week already.
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  8. Welcome to blogging! The clothespins are a great idea! Stop by and visit.


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