Saturday, July 28, 2012

Brain Break Activities!

In between creating a diaper cake, going to a babyshower, laundry, and house cleaning...I have found an hour to finish something I started a while back...BRAIN BREAK IDEAS!!! I wanted to let my kids have a good way to get active and break between learning times. I made these and plan on putting them on sticks in a bucket on my desk for easy access. You could also hole punch them and put a ring in them to keep handy as well!

Contains brain breaks such as: Cha Cha Slide, Freeze Dance, Cross Lateral Movement, Dance Party, and MANY MORE!!

Includes a brief description of each activity for your reference. Kids will love to get up and move around the room. This will allow the kids a great break from thinking and get them set for the next learning adventure. THERE ARE 27 BRAIN BREAKS!!!


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  1. I love these Brain Break sticks, Heather! Great Job!